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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our little monkeys!

I turned 30 on May 1st. Before I found out I was pregnant I was really dreading it. Now, I think it was the best birthday ever. Eventhough I fell a sleep on the couch at about 7:30 after teaching all day it was the best feeling knowing that I was just a little bit closer to seeing my little boys. On Saturday, May 2nd we went to dinner with my parents and grandpa at Claim Jumpper. I am still amazed at how hungry I am ALL of the time. I weighed in at 154 last time. So I've gained about 26 pounds so far. Which is on the low end for twins. We took a picture after dinner and I can't believe how fast my face got chubby. As I said before I'm not worried about it anymore. I love to work out and I miss it very much. So once these babies come out I will be running my booty off (literally).

I had a doctor's appointment on May 6th which I already discussed.

May 8th - 16 weeks - Michael and I went to the specialists office for another appointment. I love going there because we get an ultrasound every time. I so look forward to see them swimming around in there. It's also comforting to see them and know they are okay. The babies looked great. This ultrasound wasn't as detailed as the last so we were a little disappointed. The GREAT thing is that they measured by cervix and it was on the extremly high end of 5 which means I have an extremely small chance of preterm labor. The doctor said that there is almost no record of women with that measurement dilevering early! Again, Baby B was going nuts. He moves around so much and it looked like he was punching and kicking at Baby A. Baby A was very chill again. Michael thinks Baby B takes after me and Baby A takes after him. It was a great visit. We were so afraid we were going to get some kind of bad news again but we did not.

The next day I went to Barnes and Noble because I have nothing to read. I found a great book called Twins!. I've been reading What to Expect and really it was helpful but didn't explain the problems/differences if you are expecting more than one. The new book made me feel so much better. Example: It said to lie to people you don't know who ask how far along you are! I am so tired of people saying, "How far along are you," and then I tell them and I get a response like, "Oh my god, I was that big when I was 7 months!" The book says you are double what a singleton mom would be and you are only going to get bigger. I don't know why people are surprised. I also bought 5 new novels to read....which I will have plenty of time to do right now since I'm so exhausted I can barely walk around the house.

Same day Michael was busy finishing the babies bathroom. He has been working so hard on getting the guest room and guest bath done before his mom (and then the babies) comes. So yesterday he finally finished. We went to Target and got the cutest bath set. We both agree these are going to be the most spoiled babies in the world. We didn't have a coordinated bath set. We are both so excited I don't know how we stand it.

Just about every night lately I have a dream about the babies which I read is also very normal.

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